Music! What are you listening to now?

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oldcrank said:
Brand new video for 'Dark Corner Dance Floor' off
Phantastic Ferniture's recently released debut album
has Julia and Liz munching, singing and dancing around
Darling Harbour. Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney now sold
out on their Album Release Tour that starts next week up in QLD
so additional shows have been added in both Melbourne & Sydney.

I like.
I do not understand where and why my mind goes in certain directions, but for some reason that tune reminded me of Mum.
Who knows?
Re: Re:

sir fly said:
the delgados said:
I'm sure you've recognized the original theme.
And if you haven't Googled yet, read about the group. Interesting music phenomenon that goes beyond entertainment.
There's plenty of Yugos in your area, you can ask them, too.
I can't think of another band who has the chops to go from balls-to-the wall rock to folk and then enter a synth-pop phase.
That is impressive.
Not quite sure about one of their album covers, though. Five shirtless guys wearing tight jeans all bunched up together seems kinda goofy. But hey, it was the 70's.

Anyone heard of Mark Hollis of Talk Talk?
His self-titled solo debut, which was released ages ago captivates me to this day.
I'm the only one of those I know who adores this record; most are bored by it.
But I contend it is a work of art.

Give it time. Let it sink in.
You will be grateful that such a soul exists.