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The Phantastic Ferniture album finally released. I've
previously posted the three singles that have already
dropped. This tune "Take It Off" is a live show favourite
and comes very close to capturing the shambolic beauty
of the fabulous Ferns in full flight feeding off their "fernetic"
fans frolicking in the sweaty surrounds of a semi-sacrosanct
subterranean Sydney speakeasy. They're at the OAF Aug. 29.
Tickets are still available through the Oxford Art Factory website.
EDIT: OAF Sold Out. Now also at The Lansdowne on August 28th.
Oct 30, 2009
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the delgados said:
p.s. Mortand, this one is for you. Mogwai.
Yes! Love Mogwai. I kinda lost interest in them for a while, but they 'returned' to me last year. Saw them twice on the tour of their latest album - loved it.

Right now I'm listening to the beautiful, eponymous album of one-man project Low Roar. This american dude moved to Iceland and started recording these gorgeous tracks. A folky vibe, combined with some chilling electronics. Reminiscent of a one-man-folk-Sigur Rós or the more dreamy, hushed tones of Radiohead. It's beautiful. It was playing in a record store I frequent, and I was caught totally off-guard. Asked the clerk what it was, went for a stroll through the city whilst listening on Spotify, and halfway through I ran back to the store to get the album. No regrets :)
So far this is just a Westpac Bank T.V. commercial.
Not sure if or when the song (a cover of the legendary
1965 hit by Judith Durham and the Seekers performed by
fellow Australian and belle of the Blue Mountains Julia Jacklin)
will be released as a single or as an album track but it's created a
bit of a buzz because the commercial first aired the same week as the
Phantastic Ferniture allbum was released. Julia has recently finished in the
studio recording her second solo album, but no real time-line on a release date.
Oct 30, 2009
the delgados said:
I'm still stuck in early to mid-nineties indie rock, so Low Roar is a welcome addition.
Speaking of early to mid-nineties indie rock, Bedhead was an unknown band comprised of two brothers from Dallas, Texas. I'm guessing they didn't fit in.
This album is simply sublime. No other way to put it.

I actually have that Bedhead album, but I haven't listened to it a lot, to be honest. I'm giving it a spin right now, though. Thanks for the reminder!
Have you heard OVERSEAS? A project featuring the two Kadane brothers of Bedhead, David Bazan (Pedro the Lion) and Will Johnson. A solid and welcome addition to the club of miserabilist indie rockers ;)

Here's Down Below
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the delgados said:
aphronesis said:
Dear Kvelertak,
Please tell us what you really think. No need to be all shy and sugarcoat things.
I like your music, I really do; but I think you need to express yourself a little more.
While the band already started to play - love how the bass dude is still tuning his axe while taking a swig of... well, hopefully something drinkable.

I'm only a third way through the song so far...

EDIT: It's actually not all that bad. It's just your basic balls-to-the-wall hard rock you would hopefully find in any kind of a live rock music-playing bar. (Kinda miss those days, tbh.)
Jason Isbell can write an amazing goddamn song:

Had a girl back home and we shared as single bed
When I whispered in her ear she believed every word I said
And if she didn’t believe she didn’t dare give me slack
Or It was “baby I love you, get off of my God damn back”

Time went by and I left and I left again
Jesus loves a sinner but the highway loves a sin
My daddy told me I believe he told me true
That the right things always the hardest thing to do

Ten years ago I might stuck around for another night
And user her in a thousand different ways
But those were different days
Those were different days

And the stories only mine to live and die with
And the answers only mine to come across
But the ghost that I got scared and I got high with
Look a little lost
I don't work for these guys, so not an ad, but I just bought a Nu Force BE Sport 4 Bluetooth headset, and I have to tell you that the sound quality is amazing. Certainly not cheap, but worth every single penny. Audiophile worthy.
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the delgados said:
ChewbaccaDefense said:

This is my favourite thread on this forum. I've been introduced to some great music, and for that I say thanks.
I'm still stuck like a broken record in the early nineties, but Childers reminded me of Lambchop.
Ah! Great stuff! Thanks for the link!