Music! What are you listening to now?

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aphronesis said:
the delgados said:
Libertine Seguros said:
Libertine Seguros: I think I love you.

It’s ok: that period of Low does that for people. It’s how it was then.
True that. I saw them live sometime around 2001--03 and it was clear they were having problems in their relationship. I really hope they have worked things out. That said, they are one of my favourite bands ever. So effing gorgeous.

the delgados said:
I promise this will be my last contribution for a while. I don't want to monopolise the thread.
Don't think there is such a thing as monopolizing the thread, we all obviously have very different tastes in music and there's nothing wrong with sharing them.

And if you feel like sharing what you're listening to at the moment that's what this thread is actually all about!

(Sometimes I listen to what I would consider incredibly shitty music, and I'm at peace with that.)