Teams & Riders Nairo Quintana discussion thread

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May 21, 2010
Anyone know his race schedule before TDF,will he be doing any comparable ITT?.From some of the posts ive seen his tt skills no surprise but how good on flat power course? or is he a bit like Emma pooley a beast on lumpy ones,not quite so good on the flat?
Aug 16, 2011
Quintana to single-handedly destroy the Sky train and claim his first Grand Tour in July. :cool: :D
Mar 29, 2013
hfer07 said:
So Unzue has made up his mind?? :eek: Oh lord- I can see visions on QUINTANA winning Alpe d'Huez & being greeted by Lucho Herrera:):D

I dunno, but according to that's his program.
grande nairo!

Dekker_Tifosi said:
Saw this one coming a long time ok, he was the most obvious of obvious talents out there. Nobody should really be suprised about him

He was clearly an amazing talent but come on! Beating a super in form Richie ****in Porte by more than 20 secs in an ITT...**** me that's incredible :eek:
quintana absolutely destroyed everyone in uphill ITT in tour l'avenir. Since then it's pretty obvious that when a ITT goes uphill he should not fear many, not even the amazing Porte

Porte seems over the top of his PN form tho.