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Nairo ends his season and probably will do surgery on his left knee which is still in pain and was found to have a patella tear (Google translate).

The tear was found like 10 days ago but the surgery is a new thing today.
Usually that sort of injury could heal completely. Does anyone know if it was a product of a crash or some other factor?
Nairo will have surgery today or tomorrow in both knees:

I didn't know that the problem was this bad.
Here is the piece in Cycling news with a picture of his knees at the Tour:

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We never got an answer.
And the fact is that the fluids in those vials were already tested and they already know what they had. So they know by now whether they should continue the investigation or not.
I assume we can only post here with the purpose of knowing what will happen to Quintana in France.
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Epic first post in the thread complaining (back in 2013) that he would probably have to pay his dues working for an old guy like Valverde who was on his way out of the sport and wouldn't have a shot at the Tour podium.

Well, that sure has been a long way out.
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