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It's possible to navigate to previous thread-page from the top if you're on a computer/laptop. However, if you're on your phone the previous button will bring you to the previous thread. What's even the point of that?
Yes, the issue is on mobile, and yes, navigating to previous or next thread at the top of the thread page seems useless.
And why 'How To'?
And I fully agree on the mobile navigation issue, would be really nice to be able to jump to the last post from the starting page. Instead of jumping to the next thread.


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Apr 16, 2019
Errr… not an issue, but why are random threads suddenly getting the How To tag?

The cool emoji is in the top-group, though.
That is an issue. It appears to be a bug. I'm not sure why those thread prefix's are auto attaching to those threads. I will investigate! Thanks all.

I've been trying to correct these mistakes myself so please be patient while I go through the forums.

EDIT: Aha, it was due to some moderators featuring these threads. I'm glad you like the new system for highlighting important threads in the forums. I would recommend against featuring discussion threads, since the featured threads are mainly meant for showcasing articles, reviews, and tutorial style content created by you all.
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Sep 6, 2012
I'd recommend cleaning up the sticky threads. They take up prime space at the top of forums and I think some can be un-stickied by now. For example, the years-old thread about creating a poll on this sub-forum that is no longer relevant with the new forum software.
The order of stories at the new posts tab seems to be all over the place.

The times of the most recent post on the top 26 items on that list, in order, are:
(It is now 10.45 pm, I will put those less than an hour ago as the time, not "n minutes ago"; all pm unless otherwise stated)

10.51 am
9.38 am
3.44 am
10.52 pm yesterday
10.35 pm yesterday

Look at those last two: the thread last posted on 24hrs and 10 minutes ago is listed above the one from 17 minutes ago. The second newest post on the New Posts list is 26th on that list, the newest is 15th.

Not what I would call user friendly.
Having been frustrated by that odd chronology on the 'New posts' tab, I started using the 'What's New' tab instead. I now discover that that omits loads of new posts.

So is there anywhere that gives a list of new posts that is both sensibly ordered and comprehensive?
Didn't know where to post this, but I have a bit of a question about the Rules:

Necroposting (resurrecting very old threads or article comments) is disallowed.
What if it's relevant? Sometimes a Rider Thread might be dormant for an extended period - if the rider in question isn't showing much - but when there is a good result; expect the discussion to take off again!
Though I will admit that I'm a bit confused about the recent talk about Klöden's chances for a GT top 10...
I copied from an Excel file to make a large-ish table, but the content of many cells moved to occupy empty cells to the left.

2nd issue: in trying to fix that, discovered that only two or three edits to cell contents were possible before it refused to move any further text, so I had to do numerous saves and edits, when only one should really have been necessary.
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