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So, Groenewegen in the middle?

He must be the main guy, then. Full train for him in the Tour and the rest can see if they can get a few crumbs elsewhere.
Nah... As a proper host, he'll let the newbie and flyer make an arrangement.
Kruijswijk will hang on, naturally. By the way, why do they need anybody else for the jersey presentation besides him?
They've split well but should've switched the sides just to make it obvious Van Aert is the anchorman.


Jul 5, 2018
More and more women's race are being televised. Especially with the new requirement that all Women's WT races are televised.
It would be nice if we had more access to the women's racing here in the US.

Are Canyon Sram and EF the only rapha sponsored teams. Both kits definitely stand out. Not sure I would buy one but the are certainly recognizable.
I can't even begin to describe how awesome that Bardiani kit is.

Looks like we're finally getting a colourful peloton again. The black, white and blue era of the past 7 or 8 years has lasted way too long.

Not a big fan of the Movistar jersey though. Looks dirty. And I'm gonna miss the Nippo jerseys.
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