New Jerseys - 2020 Season - TeamKits-Maillots-Tricots-Tenues

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But who on earth came to the conclusion, that the DQS kit didn't have enough Lidl logos on them already?
Honestly? It actually makes the Lidl logo work. It looks out of place on the actual jersey (and has for years), but it doesn't look as bad this way. Also love the couture-style list of locations on the front, though it really should be "SANREMO" instead of "MILAN" if we're being consistent... :p

Bunch of gems on there. If I had to name a favorite it'd be between the Astana x Balenciaga and Jumbo x Versace collabs. The former wouldn't even be that out of place on the current peloton, but the Jumbo one...Wow. On a more classy note...The AG2R x OVO one is pretty mint.
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The EF kits stand out. I like that they have more colors in it in this year.
I agree, but 3 colors should never be used. Pink, Yellow and least not this much. Seeing that is the leaders Jersey for the 3 GTs. I think they were not allowed or something for using them in the Giro.
I don't get it. A lot of those fantasy ones are terrible.

Some are genuinely great - NTT, Ag2r, Mitchelton, Sunweb (though this really can't have taken much design work to come up with...), Arkea; some are great in the retro-hideous kind of way à la CSF-Navigare or something - Jumbo, CCC, Bahrain; and some of them are just like, what's the point - Trek, Groupama, Lotto, Astana, Ineos. Also very confused as to why the sole WWT team they decided to do a re-draw for is the one team that really doesn't need it as they've been putting forward solid creative designs ever since the rebirth as Specialized-Lululemon eight years ago.