Next years tour of California...

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Aug 19, 2009
benpounder said:
Because for the average NoAmerican, all they know of cycling is the TdF in general, and L'Alpe in particular. To answer a question upthread, all the hate comes from a failure to recognize this. NoAmerican Race organizers know full well that a successful race depends not on us paying attention - most of us will regardless - but on a much much larger spectator base that do not religiously follow road cycling.
I disagree with this, Ben. Selling the race to casual fans who know and marginally care about the Tour, and the Tour alone is a recipe for disaster. Those types of fans probably won't know enough to care or watch.

And if they're selling the notion to sponsors that they can reach the casual fan that watches the Tour... well, it's not going to take them long to realize that they haven't, and pull the plug.

Think of it another way... My mother in law holds a Superbowl party most years. She doesn't much like, or understand the game... and certainly doesn't watch it during the regular season or play-off rounds. Is she someone that the NFL should target their marketing towards? Only if they want to waste their money.

ToC needs to really pursue to those who watch the sport religiously... it's a far more stable market. We'll watch, and we'll likely show our gratitude to sponsors via our wallets.