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Martin was Garmin's GC leader for several GTs, but something would go wrong every time (illness, crashes, missing splits on flat stages) and he'd end up losing buckets of time and just hunting stages or trying to survive to the finish. In those terms Roche (who has so far finished every GT he has started) has been the more consistent GT rider, even after a few years of riding primarily as domestique.
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movingtarget said:
Dazed and Confused said:
Solid tactics today.....

Anyway this effort is part of what I like about Roche.
Yeah it was a good ride until the final km when he was stuck on the front. That was careless. But maybe he thought his chance had gone already.
Yes ...he couldnt shake them off his wheel at 500m to go ...He had attcked twice at this stage
At 7km he tried to knacker Bardet & Costa and Garcia
At 1.6km to shake Navaroo and De Gendt
Got caught at the front and then too late

BTW he is top 20 at somethings ...Descending is defo one
He’s had his diary in the Irish newspapers since his Ag2r days. He’s definitely set up for writing and/or talking about the sport when he finishes doing it.

I’d presume he signed for 2 years with Sunweb to start with, though? If the plan was to help Tom win some GTs, you’d think they’d want his experience around in 2020. This is obviously all up in the air now.
Only one year with Sunweb and no contract signed yet for 2020 according to Kirby /Kelly today.

which is ridiculous given he is such a good all round rider and domestique that you can put in any team and he can do most things . Roche rides so well as a road captain, in TTT , in support for sprinters like Matthews , in one day races , in GT on mid mountains , in the cross winds , on the downhill and has loads of experience

I think they said he wants to continue
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