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Nicolas Vogondy dying of cardiac disease ...

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Apr 25, 2009
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Helluva a rider. I'm really enjoying BBox this year, I would definitely put money on them getting a stage win at the Tour this year. His is a common condition affecting one in a hundred or so people, nothing too serious I don't think.
Jun 16, 2009
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Bluebeard said:
Disappointing, but kind of understandable. I wonder if this is tied in to the blood passport or not, and if it was even noted. I am glad to see that BBT are sticking by him regardless of the fact that he hasn't raced for them. Perhaps things may improve (dunno the details on arrythmia). Perhaps he might become a DS - with his experience, he would be right up the BBT alley for their approach to the sport.

the only interesting point that came up in this non discussion is what happens when a rider is too sick to do his job.

Most European countries have some sort of law where you get a majority % (typically 70)of your salary for the time you are unable to work but under contract. If your contract expires you enter the social security system and get state benefits rather than your employer paying your salary.

Most people are quite happy with this.

Lance Armstrong wasn't. When he had cancer Cofidis followed French law and paid him something like 70% of his salary until contract expired. Understandably they did not want to risk extending the contract to throw money away on a sick rider with little chance of riding again. Their position was to follow the law, pay him under the illness regulations until the contract expires, whereafter, as either a legal resident of France, or as an American in the US there should be welfare provisions for him. Exactly the same as any European.

Lance however decided this was a massive insult, and decided to hire Ferrari, destroy the Tour 7 years in a row, and put the whole of France on the "hard drive" over this.

What were they supposed to do? Override French law to give him more money (like he wasn't already rich?) Rehire a man with a 60% chance of surviving?
May 26, 2010
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issoisso said:
... Every team he goes to his DSs always criticise him for slacking off, not training hard enough, having no motivation, etc. They all say he's far more talented than what he shows in races..

to me that is code for not 'juicing'...