Ninja of the Tour (simplified version)

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An alternative ninja: Morkov got top ten in the green jersey without getting a top ten finish.
Trentin was 3rd in the green with 2 top 10s the whole race. Like Morkov, he picked up a lot of points at intermediates, but did all that back down the field. It'd be hard to call Morkov a ninja for the amount of times he led the race in the final km; he was literally the center of the race's attention for 5-10 seconds on every sprint stage.
The rule with the "no top 10 placings" is not doing it for me, because even though Mas finished inside the top 10 four times(!) you barely noticed he was there. So, that's SUPER ninja in my book.
Agreed. Once again, this is art, not science. Mas had a pretty darn good TDF in the end yet barely got any screen time. Every time I saw where he was on the GC I was flabbergasted, his ride was so stealthy.

Valverde probably got even less screen time again, but he misses out IMO because he didn't get so high in GC.
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