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No Giro/Tour "Double" this Decade:(

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Polish said:
No Giro/TdF "Double" winner this Decade
That has not happened since the 1930's...

Probably 2 reasons:
1) Lance focusing on the TdF
2) Ivan not being allowed to ride the 2006 TdF (He kicked major keester in the Giro that year)

Hopefully the coming decade wil see a return of the "Double" winner:)

Marco Pantani one time, in 1998
Miguel Indurain two times, in 1992, 1993
Stephen Roche one time, in 1987
Bernard Hinault two times, in 1982, 1985
Eddy Merckx three times, in 1970, 1972, 1974
Jacques Anquetil one time, in 1964
Fausto Coppi two times, in 1949, 1952

PS...this thread is "Clinic" material correct?

No idea why this is in the clinic, other than a discussion of the training, scheduling or periodization obstacles that a double or gt triple would require.

I have skimmed/read the whole thread. Is there some way all 3 gt's could be spread out schedule wise to accommodate an attempt at the triple or at least Giro/tdf double.

My thinking is that AC believes he has unfinished bid-ness at the tdf and will focus on that primarily in '10 and if all goes well maybe attempt the vuelta afterward. My assumption at this point is that 2011 may allow him more freedom to attempt the GT schedule of his choosing, ie, a giro/tdf double or triple or giro/tdf/worlds.

It would be nice (for me) if he attended another ToCA to build on the following he has amongst American cognoscenti. (He'll never have the broad cultural appeal of LA here, and frankly, who cares?)
dimspace said:
if you beleive the american fans the ToC will be a grand tour soon.. maybe someone will pull off the ToC, TdF double.. :D

Correction. The American fans don't believe the ToC will be a grand tour soon. Just because Stapleton is foolish enough to make such a statement, don't lump us in with his ridiculous comments to hype the event.;)
Jun 21, 2009
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Angliru said:
Correction. The American fans don't believe the ToC will be a grand tour soon. Just because Stapleton is foolish enough to make such a statement, don't lump us in with his ridiculous comments to hype the event.;)

'american' is not a nationality but an expression used to label someone who's stupid. so you can be from the us without being american (like your good self) or you can be american without being from the us (see sprocket01 and his various aliases) go on yanks, biiiiiiiiiiiiite :D
Mellow Velo said:
Could it happen, next season?
"The Giro is suited to me: the time trial, the mountain time trial, stages to Plans de Corones, Zoncolan, Gavia and Mortirolo," said 2008 Giro d'Italia winner Alberto Contador.
He was also interviewed during the Giro presentation.

Of course, the course does really suit him, but it doesn't mean he'll ride there.
Even though the route is perfect prep for a very similar Tour.

Much depends upon what legacy he wishes to leave. Simply rack up Tour wins, a la Armstrong, or re-write the record books in a different style.

I'm of the belief that we'll more likely see a Tour/Vuelta double. Since we're only talking of a double that includes the Tour and with the Tour being the bigger race, a rider winning the Tour, likely Contador, and then going on to victory in the Vuelta would definitely be less of a risk. A rider that has an actual chance of winning the Tour isn't likely to risk that chance by going for the win at the Giro. I can't believe that Menchov or Sastre took their Tour chances seriously considering how hard they fought during the Giro. They likely looked at the Astana lineup and the return of Contador to the Tour and knew their chances were slim and none. Evans should have made the same conclusion. He might have had his first grand tour win under his belt if he had.

The rider's sponsors might have some say in the matter. That is why I agree that if it is going to happen it will be an Italian rider or one riding for an Italian team. I just don't think that there is anyone out there right now who can do it. Nibali made great strides this year but as mentioned we have yet to see in this era with the exception of Pantani, any rider that had a great Giro (victory/podium), follow that and contend/podium at the Tour. Pellizoti's Giro podium and Tour KOM is quite impressive though, but he lost time purposely to give him the chance to chase unfettered for KOM points. He also may have realized early on that he had more to gain by pursuing KOM instead of trying to climb with the contenders.

Also I personally don't think anyone will ever win all 3 grand tours in one season. There is a very small percentage of the pro peloton that even completes all 3 in a season.
May 6, 2009
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I would have to say it would be nigh on impossible to win 3 GT's in one season. As for Cadel, he might won the Vuelta this year if he had a bit more luck (ie not puncturing on crucial mountain stages), and as much as the fans would like Cadel go for the Giro and/or Vuelta, he won't, as riding the Tour as the World Champion and trying to win the Tour would be worth too much for OPL.