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Norwegian (and Klaebo in particular) haters should probably turn away now.
Edit, NVM he ran out of energy.
Nah, Iivo just crushed all life on earth on the final lap. If you compare Klaebo's performance to everyone else he didn't fade that much.
Great performance by Poromaa and Pellegrino inside the top 15 in a really stacked individual start.
Iversen once again so much worse than every other Norwegian, bringing him to the Olympics looks worse and worse in hinsight....
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Thank you. I'll be good, I promise.

Falla a blast from the past, especially when you consider how dominant Sundling has been recently.
I assume Klaebo not racing as he already has the World Cup sewn up and wants to be competing for the 50km?

Roiseland and Eckhoff 1 and 2, Interesting. I bet Eckhoff nails the shoot in a relay now it doesn't matter as much.

Wtf, Tandrevold is on the 4th leg?
Edit, don't know what I was worried about. All 10 down no problem. Good for her.
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Nov 28, 2021
I assume Klaebo not racing as he already has the World Cup sewn up and wants to be competing for the 50km?
Klaebo and the other sprinters in the A-squad are covid-positive and out for the season. Most likely picked up from the skishow in Helsinki. Grate is also infected and so is his girlfriend Ribom.

Impressive by Falla today even if Drammen is her favorite event, and the course doesn’t suit Sundling at all.
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Winterton spends an entire lap wondering why Susan Dunklee hasn't been at her peak performance in the last season or so. I suspect being 36 years old probably has something to do with it. He does however think back wistfully to "all the championships she has won". Although 2/6 of her career podiums - and 2/3 of her 2nd places - have been at major championships where she always seemed to go best, and a career best of 10th overall in the World Cup season-long, she never actually managed to win an international race, which is quite surprising. She's running out of time, and more concerningly for her, pretty much every competitive performance she's had this year has been in a relay format, where the strength in depth of the US team has never been enough to threaten the front. Her 27th in the sprint in Zhangjiakou was her best of the season individually so you'd say that unless she and Sean Doherty get put forward for the Single Mixed Relay in Otepää and have a career day, the window has closed on that. Egan is going as well, so the American biathlon team is going to be completely gutted ahead of next season. Geraghty-Moats has not really got back into the swing of the shooting on the IBU Cup, and Chloe Levins has progressed little and remains a name most fans, if they know of her at all, know solely for her relationship with Sturla Holm Lægreid.
well, yeah, and going by your post, he still got way more recognition for it than Jouve for his first ever victory ;)
Jouve is now 5th overall and 2nd in sprint in the WC points standings, his victory was well merited. I have always questioned the French team's separation of sprinters from the distancers as the top sprinters are often all around skiers. Jouve has been doing more distance races and his sprinting results have never been better. Not a scientific study, but kind of proves my point. Chanavat does great in qualifying but often fades towards the final.
It's all about distance classic, so we have Finland on the charge. Praise be to Finland!

Edit: great finish from Jonna, but Kerttu was away. Poor Ebba Andersson got an ill-timed broken pole when racing began, got absolutely no help from Brennan as she tried to chase back into the mix on her own for over 20km and then gets outsprinted by the American at the line.
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Now that the Johaug era is over I want a 50km woman's race in Holmenkollen next year.
TBH a 50km women's race might well have been fine during the Johaug era, she'd have had to think a bit more about her pacing then, if Oberstdorf and Storlien-Meråker are anything to go by, Karlsson had the measure of her the longer the race got and getting up to 30k and beyond the balance tipped towards the Swede.

I would like some 30/20 (instead of 30/15) distance races like the old Davos one they got rid of as a staging point between the 15/10ks that the more durable sprinters can manage (thinking of Linn Svahn winning a few of them a couple of years ago) and the only occasionally-run 50/30ks.

Elvira Öberg needs to pace herself better, she obliterated everybody on the first 2 laps, such that 12" over Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet - who also has a tendency to not be able to raise the pace on the last lap - seemed an inevitable win, but she fell short and she was looking extremely red of face at the line.
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So tomorrow Iivo will be the big favourite. Kinda sucks that we won't see a big fight between him, Klaebo and Bolshunov in a 50km classic race, but it can't be helped. Let's hope that Poromaa and the Norwegian distance specialists will be able to challenge him.
At this point I have more faith in Pellegrino finishing inside the top 10 than I have in De Fabiani...