Official Lance Armstrong Thread: Part 3 (Post-Confession)

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A better human being? A marginal gain, at best, as listening to almost any episode of his podcast shows. The man is still a grade-A #~@^.
Certainly an opinion.. I respect it.
I see the way he runs his businesses as a revolation. Given more than a few chances and pretty often says how careful he has been both personally and professionally.
The elephant still in every room of cycling is pretty well explained by a Joe Rogan podcast video that Dirt posted a few above these.
In that video and dozens of others, as well as written material from subject matter experts and past staff,riders and inner circle.. Lance was normal in many categories.. And your conclusion that he is and was a horse hinny to varying degrees is something he acknowledges often, and again says it's a constant struggle..

Fallen Angel,The Passion Fausto Coppi is almost a copy of the situation without the world wide connectivity and peaked public interest that Armstrong cancer win created world wide. If you read it.. and it's excellent.. the things that early cycling champions did make lots of modern rider F-ups look like child's play..
And post Armstrong era..hard to believe that situations like Sky..could not only exist but could happen under such scrutiny.. In the US we have 4 major unions.. NBA,NFL,MLB and hockey.. All for sure have dirt in every corner, but top to bottom it's understood that protecting the athlete is protecting the sport..Armstrong didn't ruin cycling.. Bike racing did it..if you hate Armstrong.. I get it, completely understandable, rational..
But when Armstrong is on cross for all the races,Trek,UCI,Nike,Gatorade.. the list is endless.. He is right about shouldering a disproportionate proportion of guilt and accountability. My opinion.. Lance on the sidelines when Vino and Landis can go full gas..ridiculous
If LA's character arc is interesting albeit inconclusive topic to discuss about, many of his detractors make him look almost sympathetic in my eyes.

I don't know if anyone else has encountered the phenomenon of either every wild accusation against LA being cheered enthusiastically ("He used motor in 1999", "He was on EPO already in 1993", "He would've been at best 200th if everyone was clean" etc ) or people getting totally frustrated if you point errors in them repeating some years ago debunked anti-Armstrong BS.

And to clarify, the guy has his flaws and moral shortcomings, and there should be enough high quality material to refer to.