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Notable mentions: Vollering, Kopecky, Reussser, Wiebes, Ludwig, Niewiadoma, Persico, Consonni, Balsamo, Longho Borghini


Live video stream available on Eurosport/GCN alternative.


Full startlist (not yet final):

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Reusser is out with a virus, so SDW are at least weaker than they could have been.

Vos and Georgi are my top outsiders right now. It'll also be interesting to see how Fenix-Deceuninck will get on with the duo of Christina Schweinberger and Puck Pieterse, who set a new Coll de Rates Strava record (much less contested than the men's one though) earlier this week.
However this isn't CX, so trying to push the pace with three SDW riders in her wheel isn't the way to go.

De Jong continues to impress.
Yeah but if she's feeling good she wants to the front. Hasn't raced much on the road, she's still young and too eager to race. But I like it. Hope she can follow on the Muur.

De Jong really strong indeed!

Shirin breaking the tempo for Elisa.
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