Oscar Awards

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sittingbison said:
I thought the visual effects of redacting out riders names etc leading to a storm of conjecture and careful analysis of historical data to identify them was worthy of an Oscar :D

I'm wondering what category Oscar fits into though? Surely he deserves and Oscar?? Possibly Visual Effects, with all the cartoons of his apartment showing his movements snail trail, and with the prosthesis and cricket bat in the corner? And some of them being patently wrong?
That film is for next year. "Mistaken identity" , producer- Oscar Pistorius , Director-Desmond Nair.

Already the bookmaker's favourite for 2014.
Merckx index said:
Best Picture: The Oprah Interview
Best Actor: Brad Wiggins
Best Supporting Actor: George Hincapie
Best Actress: Dara Torres
Best Supporting Actress: Sally Jenkins
Best Director: Johan Bruyneel
Best Original Screenplay: The Secret Race
Best Visual Effects: The Reasoned Decision
Best Documentary – Feature: Biogenesis
Best Short Documentary - Short: Deer Antlers
Best Foreign Feature: Puerto
Best Film Editing: Velonation
Best Short Film – Live Action: Lance vs. Tyler at Cache-Cache
Lifetime Achievement Award: Hein Verbruggen, Pat McQuaid
Hmm, but did The Levi Effect get nominated for anything? :p
Parker said:
No. It was just crap.

For example: Best Visual Effects: The Reasoned Decision

What does that even mean? Go on - explain the hilarious joke.

Or are you just all clapping like demented seals because you don't want to be the odd one out.
Do not be a dooosh bag.
Mar 13, 2009
happened in Australia first at an award night for starlets

"Deveny dropped from The Age after Logies Tweets ... in particular a comment made about Bindi Irwin - "I so do hope Bindi Irwin gets laid #logies"
May 26, 2009
Does " Twitter " really care WHO they promote as worth following these days ?
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He hasn't posted since 13th Feb , thought there was a report his family had closed their " Social Media A/cs ?