Paris - Nice 2020, March 8 - March 15

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Look of course there will always be questions about how he would have done in the GTs, particularly given how early in the season he started climbing like he was wearing a jet pack. But there’s no question that he’s been climbing super super fast. He hasn’t just been beating people, he’s been kicking the living excrement out of them and he’s been doing so with objectively great times. Every climb he wanted to he just rode away with apparent ease and started piling on the time advantage.

I’m far from uncritical of Nairo as a rider but he was clearly the absolutely dominant climber of this truncated season.
You have to be careful comparing climbing times. It's never apples to apples.
I also compare it to the fields on the day.

Quintana wins by huge gaps relative to the difficulty of the climb. If it happens once against a bunch of conti riders you might blame the field. But this is against the likes of Pinot, Nibali, etc who didn't come here to be casually recked by a minute in a 4km stretch. Benoot isn't a world beater, but he's a solid climber in good form. Schachmann finished s.t. on both the MTF in Algarve to the eventual winner. These aren't chumps.
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I personally have always considered Quintana being one of the favorites in whatever race he has participated in the past few years. Somehow the results usually didn't meet the expectations. Didn't know if there is an issue with personal motivation or with the team or both or something else. Now i guess that was sorted out and the best version of Quintana is back. I personally wish him all the best as he is one of the best cyclist i have ever seen.