Paris - Nice 2021, March 7 - March 14

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Oliver Naesen got the combativity award today for being the instigator of 'the Great Belgian Escape'.

He said he couldn't take every Belgian so he decided to only contact the 70kg+ riders. Every rider he contacted joined his group. When they were caught the climbers types like Benoot, Teuns and De Plus were disappointed not to have been invited. At least according to Naesen himself.
the new profile for Sunday (stage will finish in Levens instead of Nice) is on Tissot already, and looks pretty bad. Three laps over Cote de Levens

Also tomorrow they scrapped like 50k, but at least the finishing climb will be still there
It wont affect the race win this year as only a crash would deny Roglic from here but those stages look horrible. Ridiculous from the Nice Officials.
Oct 25, 2020
I really like how Paris-Nice have finishes at smaller summits like Chiroubles, Mont Brouilly or Mont Faron.
Is there ever a chance the Tour de France would have a finish at similar venues?
I actually feel really bad for Nacer at this point.

So simple for Bennett, but not really. Re his complaints, I saw that at about 2.5 km to go, he was shoved off the DQS train and had to go around a few riders to get back on after a head/shoulder butt.

Demare is not at last fall's level for sure.