Paris - Roubaix 2021 (03.10)

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By this do you mean Rowe needed to wobble all over the place like an amateur and cause a crash? Because that's what he did.

you make it sound like he had no idea what he was doing. He was obviously trying to keep to the right of the cobbles and just happened to run out of talent like what happened to an awful lot of people over the weekend.
Have to admit, that I on live signal yesterday only had the opportunity to watch the race from 22k to go.
Now I've watched from the start until 67k to the finish line, and from those parts I cannot fathom folks yelling about Colbrelli wheel sucking. Either some ppl have bad memory or simply didn't watch the race, except for the last hour maybe (?). What I've just witnessed so far is Sonny Colbrelli animating the favourite group on several occations on the last 50-60k's incl. his breakout up to the group in front.
A long, exhauating and maybe not so clever move, however a strong effort teying to put MvdP and van Aert under pressure.
And then when MvdP rejoins and put the group under pressure, Colbrelli is immideately there and even doing more pulls in the front.
And then in the finale Colbrelli answers fully on Carrefour de l'Abre on MvdP's attack.

So still with reservations, haven't yet watched a 45k part in the finale, I would postulate he has largely been one of the riders who has helped to animate the race, of what I've seen until now.

And so if the next part is hesitation and wheel sucking, thats a part of a great race, too.
Think I've mentioned it before, I'm very keen of classics where the cunning cheats the less cunning, due to clever tactics and having the sense of the right moments.
Yesterday, however, I think it was both the smartest and the strongest rider who won the great cobblestone trophy.
Ofcourse previous historic P-R long distance rides of Cancellara, Boonen, Tafi, etc. are fantastic, but I like the excitement to be spread out right to the velodrome.

For me this is the best edition since 1993, no maybe even better I think - and yet still have to watch 45k to get the full picture ;-)
Wow, wow, wow.
Finally I had the opportunity watching the hour of racing between 67k-22k to the finish line. This just adds even more to the story, that this fine sport of road cycling is able to offer. With until now just watching from the gun to the finish line, cutting this 45k section out, it has already been a tremendous race, in my eyes.
Now adding this 45k part to the story, displaying Moscon's devoted and brave breakaway and then his fate, tells all about the relentless ruthlessness that is also a great part of this race.
Immediately after watching my remaining part, I took the liberty of watching the race in its entire length.
Now I mentioned earlier, that I, as the years went by, often mix up the 1993 and 1994, both two great and excellent versions, but different, and might be due to daydreams wishing a combined race with best ingredients of those two version.

For the 2021 version no wishes or daydreams are necessary. Just watch it again (and again) in its full lenght, like your best vinyl record.
The 2021 version of Paris-Roubaix don't need a 2hr comprised documentary/documentaristic movie. IMO nothing beats the real deal here.