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Paris - Roubaix 2024, one day monument, April 7

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Then riders should finally take some responsibility for their own riding.

The whole problem with the Arenberg trench is that you can be in a perfect position, hit the cobbles at 65kph and then your bike decides to break and injure you

But do you think that is a realistic ask? One rider takes some responsibility for their own riding in Arenberg, but another will use that hesitation to his advantage.

I am sure you have all seen this or similar but posting it here as I had no idea until seeing it. Quite insane - especially if wet. I imagine the safest speed over those rocks would be faster - until you fall! The beating your hands and wrists would take I cannot even imagine.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSUcz3u5rJA
Can confirm its not fun to do downhill pavées. However I can not talk about doing them coming into them at 55 km/h, but I would assume its more more nice to go into them at 25 km/h. Shits scary as ***, but then again, Im kind of a pussy and enjoy riding Koppenberg much more than a regular pavé. After doing Flanders, I came to the the conclusion that the Roubaix sportive is by far the race I wanna do the least out of any of the available races. I got railed on those parts and only did 3-4 pavées, but the worst were by far the ones starting out 2-4% downhill. Thats just straight up devils work honestly. Give me 10-12% any day of the week, even when fat Belgian, frit-eating and bear drinking guys are clogging up the climb and forcing everyone to walk. Still much better than a god damn downhill pavé. Thats just made to injure people and I could not imagine doing them at those speeds that they do. This will help a bit, thats for sure.

I personally like the change.

Edit: MVP for the win, but this one should be closer. I really do not hope Philippsen is winning though, guy decided to not show up for Flanders after Mathieu gifting him MSR and doing leadouts the whole Tour last year. Phillipsen could have helped their mediocre squad, even though he's not perfect for Flanders. But at least try to give something back to a champion thats putting aside his own ambitions for your sake. Pathetic display by Phillipsen honestly, on par with Quick Steps classics campaign!
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IMO they should put in a kind of safety car that holds the peloton at about 40kmh for 500m until they hit the Arenberg
IMO they should put in a kind of safety car that holds the peloton at about 40kmh for 500m until they hit the Arenberg
Come on now, this aint F1. I dont think it will be much of a factor tbh, the battle for position at the front will still be the same, but the cobbles should in theory just be more "safe". This aint much different than going into an important berg early on in a Flandrian classic with a decent amount of riders in the peloton.
If found it way more difficult on cobbles with less speed, expect more differences when gaps open up. Now they all wanna be at the front in the secteur before Arenberg, and you have same dangerous situation.
Don’t wanna see a big peloton going mental to the new chicane.

Only the first riders can take the turn. The rest will be holding up.
well I think the teams will try to make the race explode in the previous sector raced at super speed. that will be the voice in the radios. just ride Haveluy as if it was the last sector. it's a shame my gf has her birthday on Sunday, but I'll avoid twitter and watch the replay at home
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