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Peloton faves & foes: Colours. Mast. Nail.

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RedheadDane said:
That was one instance, which he appologied for. Let it go!

He was already plenty dislikable before that, and it wasn't one instance, since there was the photo of him doing it at E3 too. Lots of people have managed to do one bad thing out of turn that colours public opinion. He came across like he apologised because it made people annoyed with him, not because he thought he'd done anything wrong. Think pre-2010 Cavendish.
Jun 24, 2013
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Favorites: Tommeke Boonen, Vanendert, Vandenbroek (probably only because he lives in the same town as me and because everyone here keeps underrating his every move), Wellens, the whole Topsport team, Rolland, Nibali, Aru, Ulissi, Vandenbergh, TGBM, Hushovd and especially the whole MTN Qhubeka team

Indifferent toward all other GC guys. I just like it when the racing is nice.

Dislike: Kwiatkowski, Cancellara, Cavendish, Bouhanni, and Patrick Lefevre. I also dislike the company Orica so I don't like their team, and the fact that Gerrans and Bling are in that team doesn't help their cause at all
Mar 7, 2011
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FoxxyBrown1111 said:
Favs; [ ... ] Sagan OFC, because he did show the world the hypocrisy of the gendermainstream BS. They pack the podium girls in there for beauty reasons (good), the kiss the riders (because it makes some nice pics for the press and let the race organisation look in a bright light, or whatever reason). But when a rider has the guts to return kisses, he gets slaughtered by the Feminazis. Sagan do it again. You are one heck of a guy...

You are so right; there is much discouragement of non-consensual touching nowadays. The world needs more heroes like you, who will stand up for the rights of men to touch whomever they want, with or without consent.

I try to do my part. For example, the other day on the bus, I was sitting opposite a woman when a man took one of the last free seats, next to her. As the bus resumed moving, he began to spread his legs wider and wider, pressing one outer thigh against her, leaning closer until his shoulder rubbed hers, and eventually slinging his arm over the top of her seat, fingertips barely brushing the back of her neck. As he tried thus to obtain his well-deserved non-consensual physical contact after what I presume was a hard day of work, she cast her increasingly frantic glance about the bus as if searching for another seat.

Fortunately, there were none left, but I was appalled. Here was a woman looking for an escape from a man who was touching her without her consent, on a crowded bus, and not a single person was encouraging him or standing up for him in any way! I couldn't bear the thought of how alone he must have felt, so I watched for his gaze to pass over me for a moment and then gave him a big smile and a thumbs-up. Thus succored, he grinned back at me and snuggled in closer to his new, unwilling companion.

As it transpired, however, I would be called upon to do more. Not long after my show of solidarity, someone else noticed the pair. And this time, it wasn't a passionate rights advocate such as myself.

It was a Feminazi.

I might have guessed from his *** appearance and satchel full of books of science and literature (from a variety of cultures!), but he announced it right away with the fascist, slaughtering way he said to the man (while giving the woman a questioning look), "Pardon me, sir, but I believe she might want some space?"

"Please," she affirmed emphatically.

The victim shrunk back into his own seat, sullen, abandoning all hope.

That was too much for me. This, I knew, was where I must take my stand. "Sir," I hailed the interloper, rising to my feet and raising my hands, "Defend yourself!"

He moved to guard, but as with all Feminazis, his violent manner overlaid a feeble physique, and my fist drove his defending palm straight back into his face, and his body to the floor of the bus in a heap -- followed, after a comic delay, by a shower of his own teeth.

I swear, from this day forth, never shall a woman assert sovereignty over her own body, nor anyone rise to her defense against the rights of groping men, in my presence with impunity. Are you with me? Together, with resolve, we can end the feminist threat for all time. (And once we win, we get to touch whomever we want!)
Jul 6, 2012
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(Edited by Mods, clinic talk)

Huge apologies for bad-forming and resurrecting my own thread, but after the past few days would be interesting to see where we stand now...

My own updates:

Friend: Don't make me like Froome. Don't do it Fantadors. But who else do you GC cheer for? TGBM, obviously. The DuMoulin Rouge too. How could you not? In fact SK and every Dutch who's pushed for a GT. Don't have any national connection there at all, but got to love them. Geraint grows on me and I cannot explain why. GVA, too.
Foe: Can AC and Valv. just FO already.
Babies: Whoever designs (maybe if im feeling low, rides) Canyon bikes, but I'll extend to anyone with connection to a Stan riding one.

Teams: I now have professional ties to Gazprom-RusVelo, so would be rude (career suicide) to name anyone else. Nothing fishy about that Giro TT at all.
Interesting thread.

Friends: Boonen, Vanmarcke, Turgot, Sebastien Chavanel, Pozzovivo, Bauke Mollema (because I love that people call him Briek Schotte 2.0), Naesen, Roglic.

Foes: The Movistar team (reason: the NC jersey), Kristoff, Stuyven, Jonathan Vaughters (not his team) and Bouhanni