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Many thanks for posting this. It's Chris Horner's podcast , The Butterfly Effect. Didn't know it existed before. Will follow it now. His enthusiasm for Sagan is exceptional, but matched by many of us on here. So great to see Sagan in top form again, long may he continue.
I like the podcast as it brings a lot of inside knowledge and experience. And he is also answering some questions in the comments below the video which is also great.
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I watched it again last night at ES player. I genuinely think this was top three performance wise in his career alongside with Rouibax and Ronde. Racing against FDJ was thrilling and demanding and that was start only. Thanks god others helped as well. But Sagan and Ganna worked most. He needed go full gas from 130 km to go and he did. He needed to drop two Movi guys and two Ineos guys and he did. He needed to keep at distance a lot fresher Bilbao and main bunch and he did. He was once at 16 seconds from FDJ and 5 sec to Bilbao. Main bunch last 25 km never had more than 40 sec if we can trust gps. It was not only superb but it was really tense. Legendary. I think only two races last two seasons blowed my mind more than yesterday. Last year Amstel and Pogi TT.
I haven't been watching the beginning of the Giro stages. Is Sagan even attempting to pick up points at the sprint bonus?

Does he care about winning the points jersey?
You're not the only one confused. He hasn't picked up any points recently and seems content with not winning the competition. Kind of strange but also understandable, maglia ciclamino isn't as prestigious as the green jersey.

Great news if true, although it isn't clear from the article how CN come to their understanding.
Yeah, that was a bit of unfounded assertion.

IMO he should part ways with Bora, not in an unfriendly way, but just a change of pace. Maybe Trek or EF (both of whom I consider to be American teams), although my dream pairing would be Sagan and DQS....not going to happen, I know...what I'm sort of worried about is that he goes to a team like Bahrain just for the money.
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Great news if true, although it isn't clear from the article how CN come to their understanding.
I also failed to find how they know he will racing at least to 2024. Great if it is true. I cant imagine world without Sagan racing just yet. I will be satisfied if he will combine MTB and road as article suggest. It is Sagan after all. He wanted retire in 2015 already so we never know :D
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