Philippe Gilbert Discussion Thread

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I'd like to see him do a "Colombo" on Cipressa. If he could pull that of, I'd consider him the greatest classics rider since De Vlaeminck. His classics win are often done with a long-range attack. Why not in MSR?

On Poggio, he should be able to follow the favorites. But in a reduced sprint against the likes of MVDP, Van Aert, Trentin, Matthews, Sagan and Alaphilippe.. I'd be nearly impossible.
Would be a suicide, after Colombo only van Avermaet in 2011 was able to survive the Poggio (and he was still catched after the descent) after attacking on the Cipressa and in 2011 was a crazy race with a very reduced gruop of 30/40 riders in front already after the Altopiano delle Manie and then an all out chase to not be catched by the peloton so there weren't team mates left. In a normal Sanremo nowadays it's totally impossible to attack for the win on the Cipressa with teams that organize themselves on the Aurelia, if no one tries anymore is because in the 00s the best hilly classics riders and even climbers tried year after year and were always catched on the Aurelia or at the beginning of the Poggio.

Gilbert best hope to win is a late attack on the flat like Cancellara or Pozzato, in a little gruop the possiblity to slip out in that way are pretty high because there is a moment in which everyone watch themselves at the end of the descent not wanting to pull for the others, this year without van Aert killing his chances to cactch him probably Trentin would have succeded in that and with the number of riders interested in taking the sprinters out of contention the little group after the Poggio will be the likely scenario again in the coming editions (well, if they won't cut the Poggio).
Aug 14, 2010
(well, if they won't cut the Poggio).
If they do, surely they'll add something else to avoid, or minimize the chance of, a bunch sprint. No matter what, this is Philippe Gilbert. The guy wins races not many believed he could win (Paris-Roubaix is one, some GT stages). He's got a massive incentive to win Milano-Sanremo and join the other 3 great Belgians (Eddy, Van Looy and Vlaeminck)
Mar 23, 2019
There’s loads off other riders who have a huge incentive to win it also.
personally I would love to see him do it. But in think 2010 when he finished 3rd was his chance. The same Sagan hasn’t won it and 2013 and 2017 was his chance. Sagan maybe two more chances to win it. Likes off Ewan , wva and Van der Poel for me the next winners.
I can't believe he is back racing already. He barely missed two weeks. How is that possible after a broken patella? He is made of sterner stuff than most of us.

Maybe he will get a win this season to keep his streak alive.