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Podiums and Prizes

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In some races you win a small horse, in others you'll get a full-grown man (or a lifelike wax figure)

isn't that Mick McCarthy?
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And in Saitama, which seems to have an enormous budget judging by start list and all the publicity, the prize appears to be a shrink wrapped radish.


Which Sepp Kuss seems to have really wanted for himself.

The original prize was the broccoli, but he already ate it.

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This can’t be real… would love to see his trophy cabinet with this in there.
I forget the race but that towel somehow got from the shoulder of a mechanic standing against the course at the pits (I think to service a "dirty side" rider, Sweek?) and into Wout's back wheel. He stopped and got it out, caught back up and won the race. The mechanic presented him with the towel on the podium by way of apology.
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There's a classification in cyclocross sponsored by a Bathroom-superchain. The podium gets a duck each time. I really would like to know what Iserbyt or Van Der Haar do with all their ducks. I mean they must have twenty by now and as you can see they're not really practical.

In the past there also have been quite a few weird prices. Hansgrohe used to sponsor a classification and gave the winner a shower. I think MVDP has about twenty. And another cyclocross used to give the winner a Vespa each year. I believe WVA got about five of them.
Did you consider gathering some friends and storm a local castle?
The problem with that is that most castles in Belgium have been turned into musea or brewerys and I like both.
Did you not consider exchanging them for other implements? By now you could have a nice collection of pitchfork, spade, hoe, rake, watering can, etc.
Unfortunately not possible, but hey I've got enough to last me a lifetime. The same goes for matches and brown soap. They had some wackass sponsors.
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They always get a horse at Dwars door Vlaanderen. I think it has something to do with the Horse racing circuit in the finish town of Waregem.

On animals of the equine family, I think the donkey from KBK looks better than this horse
The horse is the symbol of Waregem, the donkey is the symbol of Kuurne.

Which made me wonder, the symbol of Harelbeke is the rat. I always wondered why they didn't get one after the finish of E3.