Porte riding the Giro good move for his future ?

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search said:
verily, he commented on it a while ago himself:

"As already mentioned, I won’t be doing the Giro this year. The decision was taken at the end of last season, and the plan instead to do Romandie and California, as part of a build up for the Tour. I’m not going to that France to ride GC, but I do plan to go and get some experience.

I guess if anything, I do have to take a backward step…to go to the Giro in your first year as a pro and ride general classification is not really what happens, normally. I am a little inexperienced, so I will step back and go from there.

The other thing is that if the team had made me leader of the Giro squad instead, there would be quite a bit of pressure. It is hard to go to races in your second year with that expectation. You are a marked man, in a lot of ways, and there are a lot of people who look at you to pull out results in every race. But you have to pick your battles, and that is what the team is doing with me. It takes time to build up, and they are doing things just right."
Sounds like a wise, well thought plan for his early career. Many a young rider has crumbled under the pressure of unreasonable expectations thrusted upon them too soon. It's good that he realizes that it's in his best interest to follow a patient path of steady development.