Positively False

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fatandfast said:
Man I am glad you are not next to me..but others who have been have had that same laughing problem. Even more painful because of beer or single malt that makes everything funnier. I was unable to go to the fund raiser and gave the cash to another teammate to get me the book.. I sent him a couple of high school girl style emails making sure he didn't blow my cash on booze and beer and forget my book. I had ridden w Dr. Baker and lots of other people that called Landis a friend. I have obviously strong opinions about the subject. I didn't and don't care about Landis's motives. I have seen a little that goes on from the national team selection to OTC camp invites and some US pro team inner workings. My biggest problem with this whole thing that seems to grow bigger and bigger is the the hero part of it. Landis was never trying to fool anybody..he just had to play his part and he did..and when the playing was over he just put on another costume and started playing a totally different kind of victim. If Landis committed a different crime, rape,robbery.killed somebody drunk driving,stole money and put an employer out of business..whatever I am sorry is a start..but this ok you are brand new,clean slate great guy is being to easily given away..but like I said.I will stay away from you because in a room w others who know my Flandis book story it always involves laughing until crying. If the inscription was not so personal I would scan it and post it...I am so ashamed
In reality, I see what he went through as akin to someone getting clean and sober, something with which I am quite familiar. I don't look at him as a hero. I look at him as someone who decided to stop living a lie. That doesn't make you a hero, it makes you someone who isn't as much of a liar anymore. (everyone still harbors some dishonesty, it is innate. Living a double life is distinct in that it is all encompassing) The reason he did so publicly was due to his fall also being public. Yes, he could have just gone quietly, or said nothing. Or, he could have said "I doped." End of story. Instead, he decided to open the lid on something that nobody else had in such a dramatic manner. I would not respect him more or less whether his decision had been to only admit his doping. What I am glad to see is someone willing to throw off any denial of what happened, and expose the hypocrisy of a system that claims to abhor doping, while at the same time remain complicit in its continuation.

There was just no way that doping could have continued at the levels it is apparent it has without the help of the UCI. The fact that Armstrong and others who doped got exposed in the process is merely just deserts.
Sep 25, 2009
dbrower said:
You'll appear more credible with that kind of assertion if you take the 'witchhunter' off your avatar.

that seems a lot easier than to clean up years of being a paid and discredited by the 'own' guy doping apologist. amen.
Sep 20, 2010
LeakyLens said:
Has anybody read the Floyd Landis book? Is it worth the read?

Obviously it's full of lies, but I was thinking, after reading the PK transcript that it may be interesting to compare both texts to see what exactly he felt the need to lie about. Clearly, he denies doping, but I wonder what else is in the book that he lied about, personal relationships, casual conversations, chance meetings.

I don't know, just thought it might be an interesting retrospective exercise.

What do people think?
People think you should buy 2 or 3 new copies.
Aug 1, 2009
python said:
that seems a lot easier than to clean up years of being a paid and discredited by the 'own' guy doping apologist. amen.
Oh, absolutely, the pay was fantastic, it's putting my kids through college now! Thanks for caring! I hope you're getting on well with your paymasters. It's thankless work, and no one would do it for free, as you well know.