Prediction 2021

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Think with the weather conditions of the cobbles going early and picking your own lines and pace will conserve energy like yesterday and the team to explore that is DQS and Trek.

So my pick is Quinn Simmons. Not likely but with gravel experience as well and strong in Strade this year he feels like a live outsider
Thanks for making it so easy for me everyone - all of you players for not picking Colbrelli, and Sonny Colbrelli for winning when nobody chose him.
Doing a bit of math we basically have a winner now... anyway we don't need to bother with complicated Lombardia top10 predictions since there is no way for a draw at the top anymore; but don't let this stop you, the falling leaves are still ahead and you can make a pre-race prediction.
Okay, I think it's mathematically impossible now to reach Kovo.
The podium ceremony will be held after Lombardy, but for real-life birthday reasons I'm not sure when exactly I will be able to hold it. Still need to get your presents, too...