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Pretty Sneaky.....LOL

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Jul 25, 2009
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TheArbiter said:
They certainly can do this now if the athlete is making stuff up. Keep up.

You know this because you wrote the Lab's contract and put in a clause to the effect that "if the athlete tells fibs on the internet, all rights to confidentiality are waived?"

Look, I don't really think he did edited his numbers. But I find your blind faith along the lines of "pro cyclist said this about his blood levels....it MUST be true...." devoid of much logical support.

OK - I stop feeding the troll now.


BigBoat said:
Whenever I became "aware" that there was a discrepency in Lances numbers is neither here nor there...Lances supporters have had a conundrum of an explanation to make. Based on what we've seen in cycling with Operation Puerto, and the very public info out there on the effects of blood doping; you'd have to be a "fruitcake" to believe Lance did not have 30 units of frozen red cells in storage before he announced his comeback.

actually i think it is here or there.. my point being, not the discrepancy in the figures, but the fact that you had knowingly dragged up old news and attempted to present it as a new topic, or new news in your continued doping quest and lance hatred...

if you had simple put at the start of the thread "i know this has been discussed before but still no answer on these figures......" maybe i would have taken you seriously...

Its the attempts to manupilate, mislead and conceal that annoy me,. you remind me of the very person you hate the most.. ;)
Aug 6, 2009
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53 x 11 said:
I'm so annoyed that I used this in another thread.

I just give up, write whatever you want.

Funniest reply/sketch comedy I have seem in a long time...good work son!

Ross McEwen (yes Robbie's bro)


Aug 3, 2009
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Alpe d'Huez said:
You're new here, aren't you? You need to do a search for all of BigB's posts for some really entertaining (and sometimes educational too) reading. :cool:

Yeah I've noticed. The trolls like BigB and Eva Maria can't help themselves when it comes to Armstrong.