Pro tour team Licences

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Libertine Seguros said:
Felline had some good results - 10th in E3 and winning Lorraine in 2010, Arkaitz Durán got some good positions in the Dauphiné, Cheula was 4th in the .HC-rated Tour of Turkey in 2010, Daniele Ratto has picked up a few good results in Spanish .1-rated races, while Rafael Valls' great early season in 2010 plus his TDF performance helps a lot too.

The number still seems a bit high, but if .HC and .1-rated races are being included, I can see why Geox would actually appear rather better than expected (since they did pretty well in the 'pre-season').
These other riders on the team currently sum up to about 120-150 points which together with the ~350 for Cobo and Menchov and with team points still leaves them 200-250 points short of the listed number.