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Race Thread

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About Pidcock:

"He is set to miss at least the first four rounds of the UCI World Cup as well as several rounds of the Superprestige and X2O Badkamers Trophy, so his main focus will likely be the Worlds in Fayeteville, USA, in late January. "
Decent races in both womens and mens races. I think Betsema was looking strong in the early race, and i don't think either of Pieterse or Vas would've got back to her had it not been for her slip and slide, and then wipe out. I do feel the front of the race was decided early with many changing (I assume from a less agressive tread for the long uphill) on the first half lap. Brand and Honsinger, who really needs to work on her starts I feel if she wants to challenge for wins, were the only ones to really come back from that.

Hermans may have the power and skill, but he seems to be in a similar situation to Yara Kasteleijn from a couple of season ago. He's always having incidents in every race, with the only real clean one being Fayettville where he won. Its good to see another nation in the top ten other than dutch or belgians, but that never seems to be something that's consistent, both in terms of the having the same non BeNe riders there and having non BeNe riders consistently in the top tens. I feel it will be interesting to see how Cameron Mason does. With the UCI points being reset he's came from the back of the grid the past two weekends, but a 17th and now 9th should give him a healthy boost on the grid over the next couple of weeks. It'll be interesting to see how how fairs in the europeans next week and the rest of the season in some of the u23 only races.
Today was the first race I have been able to watch this season, great to see some cross action again. Ladies race was again very good, real spread of talent at the moment making it far more interesting than the mens races. Good to see the non-Dutch riders emerging as it was becoming very Dutch dominated(not that I have anything against the Dutch).
I don't know what was more ridiculous. Kamp pitting in the last lap with a good advantage when it was always clear that pitting was way slower than the normal route or the Belgian battle of the egos with Nys closing Vandeputte in the last portion of the lap and bringing with him Kamp.