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Radioshack / Armstrong find success by clinching the team classification.

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Jul 14, 2009
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SilentAssassin said:
Actually 99% watch on versus and 1% on internet stream.

Uhh...I want to watch in quality HD clarity on a plasma TV, not on some crappy internet stream. Commentary is actually quite good...at least AC isn't doing the commentating, then we'd all be in trouble :p

First of all, your totally making your statistics up. Second, AC speaks much better English than you will ever speak any other language, stop being ignorant. Third, your understanding of this sport is clearly very low if you think Phil and Paul's commentary is good. And finally, if Versus does get cancelled, we just lose all the idiots who only watched because of Lance. As I recall, before Lance, the sport was doing just fine, probably even better in fact, so who cares.
Jul 20, 2010
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lagartija said:
LOL...........its not spanglish homer its castellano

you being so universal you would have known that
and you kill me , viewing angles, im sure your 2000 sq foot living room really creates issues with your tv viewing.........and sorry pal plasma tv tech has been stone dead in its tracks for years, greater heat and energy consumption, shorter life span and limited connectivity options..........
but comon you being so universal would know all of this

Uhhh...this is alberto speaking spanglish...or the spanish version of english...:p


As for the plasma-lcd discussion:

"ADVANTAGE: Closer than a year ago, but still Plasma. LCD TV manufacturers have made great improvements in black levels and in many cases have nearly managed to match the contrast ratio of plasma TVs. However, Plasma displays still maintain a clear advantage in this category due to fading blacks when viewing LCDs from off axis. For scenes with a lot of dark and light images shown simultaneously - as with content originating from DVDs, video games, and NTSC TV signals - plasmas still consistently outperform LCD TVs."


This is common knowledge really. Yes, LCDs have lower power consumption and generate less heat...but plasmas still have superior picture quality. I'm sure you'll save $1/month on electricity by going with the LCD TV :cool:
Jul 16, 2010
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SilentAssassin said:
They are jealous of Lance. If you win too much people start hating...it's called "Player Hating" in my country. :p It happened to the Yankees, Jordan and the Bulls, Mayweather Jr, LA Lakers....etc. etc.

I don't think we really have a name for it here. I think just plain "redneck" works for me. Nothing breeds hatred amongst the bitter little haters of the world like success.