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Giro d'Italia Rate the 2023 Giro d'Italia Route

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Blockhaus is probably the best climb south of the Alps, no? At least on top of my mind, but you guys can probably educate me on that one.
The ones I want to see in no particular order




This one is gravel from 7km or so.






Blockhaus is probably the best climb south of the Alps, no? At least on top of my mind, but you guys can probably educate me on that one.
Blockhaus is very likely the toughest climbs in the Apennines, but the best combo/mountain stage would be the one under. The climb to San Pellegrino in Alpe/Passo del Lagadello followed by a stage finish in Abetone. It was used in the 2000 Giro (stage profile below). It's pretty much the little sister of Mortirolo/Aprica. And it can be done harder by adding more climbs before San Pellegrino in Alpe. There was someone on the forum with the idea that the final weekend should be this combo on stage 19, a Montalcino sterrato stage on stage 20 and the last stage to Rome. If this was preceeded by a couple of big stages in the second week, like a Finestre-Sestriere stage and a big Aosta mountain stage, that would possibly be the best designed Giro ever.


You could argue that Pellegrino is flat out harder than Blockhaus, holy. These numbers are no joke at all
I think Blockhaus is harder than Predaccio because I don't think they would launch attacks before the final 3kms. Blockhaus is pretty much a harder Ventoux to me. I think it's pretty great if you put it in week 2 like in 2017 and then limit the hard MTFs after.

Still I wanna see Blockhaus up to La Majalletta junction then descend and do the Tirreno 2014 Guardiagrele finish.

Would have been an 8 with simple modifications like dropping the Lussari MTT and making one of the stages in week two tougher.

+Fossombrone stage looks good
+Addition of Coeur is good.
+A fairly suitable amount of ITT.
++Three big mountain stages.

-None of biggest climbs like Mortirolo, Stelvio, Finestre, etc.
-Bergamo stage could have been much better
--Lussari MTT is mostly a gimmick and completely unnecessary.
-- None of the big mountain stages that really encourage long range attacks.
--- First two weeks are too easy/too backloaded.
The first two weeks will be boring like this year.
Holy ***. The 2000 Giro was quite something.

Abetone via San Pellegrino in Alpe.
Selva di Gardena finish via Fedaia and Sella.
Bormio finish via Tonale and Gavia.
Briancon finish via Agnello and Izoard.
Briancon-Sestriere ITT via Montgenevre

Castellano's Giros had always good routes, the problem was that in those years for almost all big riders and also teams Giro simply didn't exist at all.
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