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Rate the Giro!

Rate the Giro

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I think a 7. The first part of the race was still mind-crushingly terrible, which like with the 2011 Tour we kind of forget in the heat of the moment after two great stages back to back near the end, although it wasn't quite as miserably backloaded as that ugly mess of a GT thanks to a couple of very good stages before the second rest day. I'm a little disappointed that we missed out on Landa in the GC mix, but we did as a result get the other Mikel continuing a tradition of only winning the most disgustingly difficult races. I also would have been much happier had Zakarin still been part of the GC battle today because I think he would have put forward an intriguing wildcard in today's stage because of his combative nature and suspect bike handling. We nevertheless got hard racing from early on throughout the key stages in the second half of the race, but I would have liked a more fair process in the long ITT (even if Rogla winning was absolutely glorious) and my two biggest fears about the race (that stage 14 would be tame because of fear of the MTT the following day, and that poor weather would completely mutilate the last few stages) not only did not materialise but they were far more overcome than I could have ever imagined. I'm going to hope they don't make too much of a habit of cloning the formula though, simply because if the weather is bad any given year, we get a damp squib like 2013.
Aug 9, 2009
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Nibali wins after one full week of everybody writing him off, and even declaring him no longer part of the Contador-Froome-Quintana gang.
Chaves in the fight for pink until the very end.
Krujswijk crushing everyone, and eventually himself.
Valverde pulling out another podium out of his hat.

Aug 16, 2013
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Great GC-action. Some really legendary stages. But the first two weeks were not that spectaculair, and the fact that Landa (sickness) and Kruijswijk were knocked down, is a pity.
The last few stages kinda disguise the fact that it was an extremely disappointing race for two weeks, comparable to the 2012 Giro. The best stages of last year's Giro weren't as brilliant, but it was much, much more consistent overall from start to finish.

I'm going to give it a 7.5, I think.
Last year I gave the giro a 9, which in hindsight was probably one too much. Still I think that 2015 was better than 2016 although not as dramatic, and considering how disappointed I was after stage 13 because there was absolutely no action I'd give it a 7. The last 8 stages were superb though and generally a mixture of the giro last year and the one this year would be perfect. Last year the great thing was that the fight for the gc started on stage 4 with the famous La Spezia stage and then almost every day something gc relevant happened. Even on the flat stages often something gc relevant happened, like Contador's crash, Porte's wheel change, the flattest stage ever where half of the gc contenders lost time because of a crash just outside the 3 kilometer mark,...
However this years giro had the better last week. 2015 was still good but after the epic Mortirolo stage it was decided and although Contador's revenge in Lugano, and IMO even stage 20 were still good it just wasnt as exciting as it would have been if Contador hadnt had such a big advantage.
2016 had basically the same situation, where everyone thought that after an epic stage 16 the gc was over, but the difference is that this year the gc was suddenly completely open again after Kruijswijks crash and we had one of the most exciting, if not the most exciting finish for a gt in the last decade.