Revelations 2022

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Gianni or Florian?

I feel like both have been 2021 revelations already so I don't know how good they need to be in 2022 to really be revelations too. Top3 classics riders in the world probably. The same applies to Ayuso and Cosnefroy to an even bigger extent. Expectations are already so high of them so they would really need to reach a level of someone like Van Aert or Pogacar, otherwise they're just performing as expected, not revelations.

But it's never the ones you think of. :grin:
This is pretty much the most clever thing written in this thread.

We're reaching some sort of logical paradox here. Someone asks who will surprise next year and then a bunch of people start mentioning the same names all over again. Obviously a rider who gets mentioned like that will NOT be a revelation, but just someone who takes a totally expected step forward.
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Some have suggested Brenner and Ayuso, but i think that's a bit too soon for them. I expect they will need at least one more year to develop. Ayuso had an amazing season... at the U23s. In his case i'm also still wondering how his physical development will progress. Him (as well as Hagenes at the MJ) seem to be on a different level from an athletic point of view compared to their peers. We'll need to see whether they keep progressing at the same rate as others their age. Ayuso has already shown enough at the pros that he'll be at the very least a very good pro, but i'm not yet convinced he will turn into the worldbeater à la Pogacar, that some people are expecting.

Brenner was a bit of a letdown, but i'm hearing he isn't very happy at DSM either so... Let's hope he can show us some glimpses next season of what he's capable of, but i think it's not going to be a "breakthrough year" just yet. Same goes for a guy like Tulett, whom i hold in high regard. Amazing how little buzz he's been getting while i rate him higher than Pidcock on many aspects.

I really hope a guy like Leknessund can have a breakthrough year, he'll turn 23 in 2022, and him being one of the biggest talents a few years ago, i think it's time for him to step up. But yeah, he was also ready to leave the cult, but they were able to "sweeten the deal" and convinced him to stay. One has to wonder if the motivation will be what it's supposed to. I'll root for him, even in the wrong jersey.
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