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Ricco, Schumacher, Dekker et al

Mar 5, 2010
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As someone who has watched the podiums of many races over the years being populated by racers who often get later found out to be cheats to the detrement of those beaten, the statement from Ricco "I don’t think real tifosi are interested in doping." suggests to me that the boy needs think a little harder about the guys he has beaten, whose livelihood he has compromised, riders, team staff etc. Actually, the tifosi do care. I for one would be more than happy if these guys never appear in the pro peloton again.
Mar 11, 2009
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He's right, in general the Italian 'tifosi' will forget it all as soon as he starts attacking and/or winning races again. Most of them simply don't care.

Same for Dekker, Dutch people are cynical. He's not the one that doped, he's the one that got caught. If the general public here doesn't like him it's mostly because of his personality, not doping.

Schumacher? Don't know... Ze Germans went kind of crazy over doping a couple of years back. They don't have the history and tradition of older cycling countries. He'll find a small team probably.
Mar 26, 2009
@ak-zaaf; Riccò didn't have so many "tifosi" before and I don't think he has more right now. For sure some will forgive whatever he has done, including the foreigners supporters.
But by taking as example the Basso's case, I know people who were huge supporters of the guy but since he was suspended they can't stand him anymore.
At least, with Ricco, we can be sure of what we are getting.
He has suffered a racing suspension, which is more than can be said for many of his kind.
This whole cheating debate is mute, until we can identify and isolate
all the cheats, not just the careless or unlucky ones.

I think Ricco is talking about real fans not being naive, when he says they don't care.
They do care, but realise there is no point in making outspoken individuals scapegoats, for the sport's problems.