Riders and their nicknames

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Aug 23, 2012
Michele said:
Also in this case I think it was just related to his look since he started using ear ring and the mustache (donno how you guys call it).
I recall some commentators on Eurosport(danish) claiming he started his pirate look to get rid of his old nickname, Elefantino in refference to his ears.

But on his english Wiki page you could get the impression that Armstrong coined the Elefantino name after Ventoux in 2000, but i don't think that's on purpose, but since it's the only mention of Elefantino it could be interpreted that way.

I'm in research mode but this is not what i'm sat down to research and it's not getting in my paper(unless i finish early so i have time to fit it in somehow), so i'll not go any further than Wikiing it, although it pains me a little.
his fans called him like that at the beginning because of his ears yes. before armstrong

his look change was after the comeback in '97. he didn't like elefantino(he hated it), even if i think it was rather cute

check the original lance quote about it:

Pantani può essere ancora pericoloso? "Penso di sì. Nella tappa di Morzine, per esempio.E' adatta a lui, può vincerla l'Elefantino

-can pantani still be dangerous?
-i think so. the morzine stage, for example. it is made for him, Elefantino can win it

Gli fanno notare che il soprannome di Pantani è Pirata e lui ribatte sorridendo - i say to him that pantani's nickname is Pirata and he' saying with a smile

"Quello se lo è messo lui. In Italia i giornalisti lo chiamavano Elefantino. Ma non c'è nulla di ironico in quello che dico, soltanto che mi ricordo questo soprannome. D'altra parte a me mi chiamano Big Tex".

that one he made it himself. in italy the journalists call him Elefantino. But is nothing bad with that, just that i remember that nickname. on the other hand,me, they call me Big Tex"

lance, the great class lol

the best i ever heard was nelson "cacaito" rodriguez. is that common is south america?

and leo "il trullo volante" piepoli
T-Nielsen said:
Quoted for THRUTH.

Nicknames should come along in their own due time and not be forced without there being a reason other then having it.
I think the worst is what happened to Chicken and Birdsong.

"Hey, let's have a vote for a nickname to this guy, who already has a perfectly good nickname!"

But if course, in both those situations the already existing nickname won the vote. :p
May 19, 2011
I just love Nibalis nickname Lo Squalo dello stretto :p

What does Dello stretto mean anyway?
Lo Squalo is the shark I guess
Aug 16, 2013
Here in the Netherlands and Belgium, they call Cancellara:

The Bear from Bern - De Beer van Bern
Der Fabian
The Steamroller - De Pletwals