Riders with style, class, souplesse

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Maybe Mauri has the core engine to keep going 2 days straight but simply lacks the watts to follow the others. Hence by rocking his entire body and using all muscle groups, he is able to put more power onto his pedals, while he won't get tired. I kid. He is the lovechild that came of Pierre Latour, Mollema and Schachmann's illegal love triangle.

I think Van Aert is a very stylish rider. I also like Evenepoel when he is in "on-a-mission" mode.
I think Van Aert is more stylish than MvdP overall. The later is great when he attacks out of the saddle, but overall Wout looks more elegante and just smoother on his bike. My father compared MvdP's position to a crouched big cat, ready to strike (throw in a crazy acceleration out of the saddle) at any moment. Kämna is another rider who looks smooth on his bike.
Ciccone looks good when he's climbing standing and on short, steep climbs Roglic going all out standing looks like the 2nd coming of Lance (stylewise).
From the current crop of riders, I like Pogačar's style. Strong, fast, and efficient.

View: https://youtu.be/p-2dYu0vptM?t=80

Can't say i agree. I understand if you are specifically talking about his out of the saddle accelerations, because they look so smooth and effortless, but my back starts to hurt just looking at him when he is in the saddle. Personally i'm more in the "coalminer" camp.
On the Women's side I have to pick Elisa Balsamo for her sprinting style. Very controlled with little lateral movement, a bit like Cipo and Ale-jet back in the day.

Bettiol is great to watch when he's on. How he attacked standing on the pedal with his hands on the drops on the OK when he won the RVV was a thing of beauty.
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