Rigoberto Uran discussion thread.

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Rigo is awesome. But what's the deal with his kit? I always see him pimping his brand on social but dont these pros have a responsibility or requirement to wear their pro sponsors kit when they are out riding/training/promoting?

It doesn't matter to me, but i find it odd that Rigo is the only pro (im aware of) that does this, especially to this extent.
Maybe so he won’t get recognized even more than he does already?
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Rigo is also already 34 and this tour was raced fast. Maybe this year is like the swan song if that generation: Rigo is no longer podium material, Porte fell totally off and even as a domestique was a big disappointment, Froome has been reduced to being the world's best paid TdF tourist by injuries, Nibali can no longer hang with the best and even though he is not that old, Quintana has dropped from being arguably the best climber in the world to a shell of his former self.

It is a bit sad, but it has to happen at some point.

I agree, Rigo is no longer podium capable. A decent career as an "also ran," domestique.
The four Colombians that have won stages at the Giro, Tour and Vuelta.

Lucho, Oliverio, Nairo and Rigo.