Roma Maxima - Giro del Lazio 03.03.2013

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LaFlorecita said:
Which team is that in thrd :confused: Modolo 4th? Astana 5th, ? 6th, Piti 7th?

That's Vacansoleil, Bole 3rd
1. Blel Kadrid (Ag2r La Mondiale) 4:26:17
2. Filippo Pozzato (Lampre-Merida) a 37
3. Grega Bole (Vacansoleil-DCM) m.t.
4. Enrico Barbin (Bardiani-CSF) m.t.
5. Simone Ponzi (Astana) m.t.
6. Leonardo Duque (Colombia) m.t.
7. Giovanni Visconti (Movistar Team) m.t.
8. Simon Geschke (Argos-Shimano) m.t.
9. Sergey Lagutin (Vacansoleil-DCM) m.t.
10. Sergei Chernetskii (Katusha) m.t.
11. Mikael Cherel (Ag2r La Mondiale) m.t.
12. Mirko Selvaggi (Vacansoleil-DCM) m.t.
13. Damiano Caruso (Cannondale) m.t.
14. Amets Txurruka (Caja Rural) m.t.
15. Ángel Vicioso (Katusha) m.t.
Dec 27, 2010
Or this

(Lorenzetto did exactly the same thing on a later stage in that PN edition but I can't find a pic)
Aug 16, 2011
Well done to Kadri, he earned that one, just wish we had had a good livestream for the race.
and Pozzato, Bole, and Ponzi all in the top 5 will bode well for my CQ team. :D
Saw most of the race live and man it was entertaining. Kadri with an mazing effort in the last 40kms.

Nibali attacked on Campi di Annibale and only Santambrogio, Reda and Rubiano were able to follow. Peloton was into pieces and Pozzato lost a bit of time. His team mates who didn't even know where he was :D

Nibali's group started chasing Kadri with 35kms to go but the Androni duo didn't truly cooperate until the last 15, which I find absurd considering they had good chances of winning this.

Pozzato and some others then bridged on the peloton and they started gaining time but not enough. Nobody in the peloton knew that Kadri was still out, they thought they were chasing Nibali's group. Even Bole said in the interview that he was really angry on the finishing line because he thought he was second :D

All in all big win for racing without radios, always very entertaining. And Kadri was a hero.
Of course Pippo for the lulz :eek: He even said "ho fatto davvero una figura di merda" (I looked like a berk).

Props to Nibbles as well, but always lacking something to get it done.