Ronde van Vlaanderen: October 18th, 2020

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Heart says Pedersen. Head says VDP - looked bloody good on that final stage of BinckBank Tour and then buttered up the next day with a pretty decent ride in LBL.

Actually makes you wonder why he didn't keep his powder dry for LBL. But yeah, he looks in super form. I think he can get away and stay away.
WVA and VDP both need to avoid the type of finale that happened in G-W, where there was a significant group of strong passengers with them and able to play off their rivalry and favourite status. Harder, more selective and less tactical finale of the Ronde should therefore help them both.

Who will win? VDP certainly got under WVA's skin a bit last weekend, so should have a bit of an edge. As such I picked him in the prediction game, but it could as well be WVA or just as easily some of the lesser favourites.
The two top favourites will never work together. That gives the others the chance to anticipate or come back on the flat sections: EQSt, EF, Trek...

I wonder if SKA isn't overhyped at the moment. He has done RvV four times, but he's never finished in the top 50.