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Ronde van Vlaanderen - Tour des Flandres 2023, one day monument, April 2 (women's)

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Liane Lippert has owned it and apologised for the Koppenberg mess, even though she was one of three who had to dismount causing the start of the issues, and if you look at the still image referenced, she is at the side of the road and moving away from the middle (as opposed to Kopecky who was in the middle of the road and made herself as wide as possible which impeded Shirin van Anrooij), as well as being alongside Wiebes and behind Kopecky at the time as well, so I don't think there is any reasonable way we can realistically say Liane was solely responsible.

After some further consideration, though, it must be noted that part of the issue is that there was simply not enough of a fight for placement leading into the climb, probably the product of the previous crash van Vleuten was involved in. If there's more of a battle for position, a comparatively weak climber like Wiebes doesn't end up so far up the line that her dismounting can be as disruptive as that for as many big names who you would expect to be in front of her at that stage in proceedings. As mentioned before, Little Miss Contract Law is developing a bit of a reputation for causing incidents and so you'd think the likes of Longo Borghini, Niewiadoma et al would want to make sure they are clear of her before a climb like the Koppenberg. With the firepower at SD Worx's disposal they needn't worry about others swamping Wiebes in the lead-in to the climb when they have Reusser, Vollering and Kopecky also up near the front to police things anyway.
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