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Rough Attempt at an All-Time Ranking

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Here's another overview that might interest people. It shows the best road cyclist of the year since 1946 according to this point system. When there's a close second or third (less than ten points behind) I mention him between brackets. When the original winner was disqualified I also mention him between brackets.

1946 Coppi
1947 Coppi
1948 Bartali
1949 Coppi
1950 Koblet [Kübler]
1951 Magni [Kübler]
1952 Coppi
1953 Coppi
1954 Bobet
1955 Bobet
1956 De Bruyne
1957 Anquetil
1958 Baldini
1959 Van Looy
1960 Nencini
1961 Anquetil
1962 Planckaert [Altig, Van Looy]
1963 Anquetil
1964 Anquetil
1965 Anquetil
1966 Anquetil
1967 Merckx
1968 Merckx
1969 Merckx
1970 Merckx
1971 Merckx
1972 Merckx
1973 Merckx
1974 Merckx
1975 Merckx
1976 Maertens
1977 Maertens
1978 Hinault
1979 Hinault
1980 Hinault
1981 Hinault
1982 Hinault [Saronni]
1983 Saronni [Kelly]
1984 Kelly
1985 Hinault
1986 Kelly
1987 Roche
1988 Kelly
1989 Fignon [LeMond]
1990 Bugno
1991 Induráin [Bugno]
1992 Induráin
1993 Rominger [Induráin]
1994 Rominger
1995 Jalabert
1996 Zülle [Museeuw]
1997 Jalabert
1998 Pantani
1999 [Armstrong] Ullrich
2000 [Armstrong] Ullrich
2001 [Armstrong] Zabel
2002 Cipollini
2003 [Armstrong] Simoni
2004 Cunego
2005 Boonen
2006 Bettini
2007 Contador
2008 Cancellara [Contador]
2009 Contador
2010 Cancellara
2011 Gilbert
2012 Wiggins
2013 Froome
2014 Valverde [Contador, Nibali]
2015 Froome
2016 Froome [Sagan]
2017 Froome
2018 Thomas
2019 Roglič [Bernal]
2020 Roglič
2021 Pogačar
2022 Evenepoel
2023 Pogačar
Very late reply but I have a few notes.
Love Contador, but not sure if I would give him 2007 as he was lucky to win the Tour and didn't do much compared to some of his other seasons. Don't know who I would give it to. Maybe Di Luca?.Giro, Liege, 3rd in Amstel and Fleche, 2nd in CQ despite not being allowed to ride Lombardia. But he didn't do much after May. So dunno really.
2008 not sure between Contador (Giro+Vuelta+Pais Vasco+Castilla y Leon, 4th in Olympic TT) and Cancellara (Sanremo+Tirreno+Strade+Olympic TT, 2nd in Roubaix, Olympic RR, 2 stages at Suisse)

2012 don't know about Wiggins . His teammate was stronger than him in mountains at Tour.

2014 I wouldn't give to Valverde. Unimpressive in monuments mostly (wheelsucked his way to a couple of podiums). Would think of Contador here (1st in a good field in Vuelta, 1st Tirreno, 1st Pais Vasco (beat Valverde), 2nd in Dauphine and Catalunya). Nibali won Tour but didn't do anything apart from that and Italian RR. Cancellara (1st in Ronde, 2nd in Sanremo, 3rd in Roubaix ) can be another argument.
2015 I may give it to Valverde or Degenkolb
2016 I may go with Sagan. (Ronde, Worlds RR, G-W and a bunch of other wins)
2018 Froome > Thomas in my opinion. Maybe someone like Valverde or Terpstra?
Pogi has now overtaken Roglic on the PCS all-time ranking. He is also ahead of the likes of Contador, Froome Nibali, etc and is up to 27th on this list. https://www.procyclingstats.com/rankings/me/all-time Pretty astounding considering he is only 25 and this is done on total achievement points

I think this is an abysmal list.

I'm certain that in most good rankings, Pogi is already much higher.
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