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Since When Do You Like Contador?

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Since When Do you Like Contador?

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Ryo Hazuki said:
that doesn't matter. I like contador and have respect for him. but if I hate a rider I don;'t even care if his whole family has been killed or whatever. I simply don;t like the rider for other reasons. I think it's the same with contador

:confused: Second time you've confused me today. I reckon this has something to do with the Dutch love of "beautiful sport", but I can't quite work out the connection.
May 2, 2010
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hiero2 said:
Ooops, quite right, my bad. Misreading stats. (FACEPALM)

Call 'em as you see 'em. I like the Schlecks even less, and Armstrong not at all. Nah, it wasn't Chaingate I didn't like - it is that he seems to assume he is the heir apparent I guess. I could not exactly tell you why. Initially I thought he was pretty cool. I loved that he first came back and won the Giro w/o preparation that year. That was fun. But the pistol thing in particular started me watching his character, and I think he somehow believes he is better than other riders. Not just able to beat them - not subject to the same rules kind of better.

I know I'm probably lonely in this camp, no matter. It's all IMHO!

I don't think you speak Spanish. I do. For the most part, I like Contador because of what you can surmise about him when he is interviewed. He is a humble guy and a gentleman, on and off the road. I'm positive that many of the nuances of his personality are "lost in translation".
sartoris said:
That doesn't say much about you, dude.
He could have worded it differently, but I actually agree. So the guy had some very serious medical problems and lived through it? Good for him, but I don't see how that's relevant or why that should make me like him, especially if he does tons of stuff afterwards that are legitimate reasons both to love and hate him.
dont understand this thread, type of... when did you fell in love?

Beyond likes and dislikes there is a fact anyone can deny: Contador is the best rider of one generation, a pure talent, one of the best riders in history...
Apr 20, 2012
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I liked him for his disliking Armstrong.

I liked his fu to the 'there is no I in team' crap that came out of the big old yeller.

I like him for his attacking style of cycling.

What I dislike in Contador is Clinic material.
Angliru said:
It was during Paris-Nice, while riding for Liberty-Seguros. He was on the attack, peddling so furiously, he clicked out of his pedal, amazingly avoided a seriously intimate encounter with a rocky formation on the side of the mountain, clicked back in and proceeded with his attack. The attack failed but it was the start of his ascent to fame.

Indeed, that was the moment for me as well. 2005 P-N; descent of the Col d'Eze. Heart-stopping. Action starts around 8:11 of the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoNqYIbXJzk
From his amateur results it was already clear he was very talented but I think the moment I really noticed how unique his talent was, and felt that he could clearly be a future TDF-winner, was in the Deutchland Tour 2003, and I have liked him ever since.
Mar 26, 2009
I remember when he did 1-2 with Luis Leon Sanchez back at Liberty Seguros days in TdU; I remember Lulu was already well known but the media were pointing out at this skinny guy and since then I kept an eye on him as I was curious to see if the rumors were well founded.
Jul 16, 2010
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Michele said:
I remember when he did 1-2 with Luis Leon Sanchez back at Liberty Seguros days in TdU; I remember Lulu was already well known but the media were pointing out at this skinny guy and since then I kept an eye on him as I was curious to see if the rumors were well founded.

Yeah, Lulu let him win then.
The Hitch said:
You probably did study it in school at some point;)
Its not me. Its the worlds most famous poem with a few alterations to apply to Contadors Tour 2011, but mostly it fits on Contador well anyway.

If I'm not mistaken you used "If" by Rudyard Kipling, right?

EDIT: I voted Paris-Nice 2007. I was a relative newbie to cycling and really only focused on the Tour de France in 2004 and 2005. His arrival at Discovery Channel was when he crossed my radar. I've been a fan ever since.
gooner said:
I know he is popular on the forum but while I don't deny his immense abillity as a rider, I honestly don't like the guy. He dragged cycling through the mud and tried to pull the wool over people's eyes with his laughable excuse. Instead of admitting his mistake, all we heard from him was spin like making himself to be some sort of victim and then threatening to retire if banned. As Paul Kimmage said on Irish radio "Good riddance" if he followed through on it. I just found they way he played the victim card insulting to me as a cycling fan. Remember the UCI protected him for a couple of months before it got exposed.

Part of the problem and not the solution to cycling's problems.

So I guess we should put you don't as a I do not like? :D