Social background of pro cyclists

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That's astonishing. I'm from Brazil and here autoracing is the elite pastime par excellence. Most of those famous drivers are rotten rich...
That's probably because of Brazil's strong history in F1 - Fittipaldi, Piquet, Senna, Barrichello, Massa etc. Australia and the USA for example have far less history in F1, where it's seen as "boring Euro w@nker racing".

Here in Australia motor racing is also generally seen as a working and middle class sport, with the V8 supercar sedans being the favourite of the working class masses. Ironically almost all of the drivers use the bike as their main form of fitness, to the ignorance of the fans.
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We often talk about the longevity of pro riders compared to their breakthrough years. Can this earlier efforts (not competitive, but probably without the right guidance and control) be a factor to explain the early fade by Quintana?
The training not so much, hard (physical) work from a young age onwards and altitude are probably a bigger factor. I've heared coaches talk about how Colombians mature at a younger age.
Not all of Colombia is at altitude right?
No, but most of the cyclists come from the areas at altitude. Higuita was born and raced near Medellin at lower altitude, that might be a reason why he suffers cold and rainy weather a lot more than most Colombians.

Back to the main topic, Uran took over his father's job of selling lottery tickets at the age of 14, after the later was gunned down.