Spinning instructor

Hello lads

I signed up for a spinning instructor course. Combining stuff that I like the best - cycling and music, and then get paid a bit on top. What's not to like? Thats what I thought at least.

Anyways, do any of you guys have any experience? Do you like it? I went to spinning classes many years ago once a week for a few seasons, but it bored me a bit in the end - music was *** and didn't like the programmes too much. Way too much focus on super short intervals. I can change that though.

Classes start this weekend. Fire away!
First, as the class leader you need to know and understand the goals and abilities of the participants.
Some people do spin-class just as exercise, without any actual outdoor cycling. It can also be a social activity with lots of talking during the easy portions of the session.
It's important to have the sessions motivate the participants to 'come back again'.
Sep 13, 2023
Set yourself apart / / 1-Play good rock and roll music (not techno), do pyramids, climbing and sprint, help people A) find their top climbing gear B) not be afraid to hit that resistance knob on sprints..
Have fun.
I have made my first full program on IG and it includes lots and lots of EDM music. For some reason I think thats the easiest to mix, but I love rock as well, so should look to feature those real bangers a bit more.