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Statement by Floyd Landis

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Aug 16, 2009
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steelciocc said:
swordsman - I don't think I've told you lately how much I appreciate your informative posts. You are a great, objective source of info. Thanks for taking the time to help us all stay better informed...

I would like to second this and add my appreciation to Swordsman also Hog, Race Radio etc etc. This forum is a great source of info.

Thanks all:)
Mar 10, 2009
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theswordsman said:
I applaud everyone who's working to make things better, from the college professor in Australia, to the anti-doping doctors, to the investigators, and yes, to former cheats who want to make the sport a better place for the next generation.

Kudos to the fans who want professional cycling to be known as the sport that did a wholesale cleanup of its image, its practice and its policies--instead of the sport that continues to perpetrate one of the biggest, longest, dirtiest scams in world-wide sporting history.