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Sunday, August 22,2010: Grand Prix Ouest-France 1 PT 248.3 km

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Jun 16, 2009
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Dekker_Tifosi said:
ACF94: Last year it was almost a 50 man groupssprint, just a few stayed in front.
Jeremy Hunt has won this race in the past (a 'strong' surviving sprinter')

Farrar could win this. But I don't think a sprint uphill is his forté. It suits guys like Gerrans (well duh), Martens etc who were good last year more.

I'd do the chauvinistic tip: Langeveld.
Jeremy Hunt is not even a strong surviving sprinter.
TeamSkyFans said:
but i havnt tipped him to win, ive tipped him to come second. Go away and come back when you have all the second and third placed finishers for me :p
That aside, dunno, just got a hunch, and besides, would be boring if we all tipped the obvious.

I know you haven't tipped him to win. I am not a moron.


boardhanger said:
Does Fr3 stream? Or will steephilltv show it?

it isnt down on fr3's list of streamed video, next cycling they are showing is on wednesday. There will be a fr3 stream somewhere.


Mellow Velo said:
There you go. I've got it on record for later.;)

timings are just going to work. 5k to go in eneco, plouay still at 27k. perfect :D