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This guy will do just about everything to avoid riding with data:



Just completely ignoring the guy with the bike computer!

he just hit the ground, checking if the bike and himself are fine and quickly rejoin the race, powermeter wasnt the priority I guess
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Assuming triple crown is Giro, Tour and Worlds.

In any case, no one can do the Giro Tour double. It's impossible.

I could see Pog achieving the following:

Giro, Vuelta, Worlds

Tour, Vuelta, Monument

2 Monuments, GT, Worlds
Well, in that case, Steven Roche got the Triple Crown in 87. I disagree with you, however
, or at least I hope you are wrong that the Giro-Tour double victory is impossible. And if any current rider can do it based on age and what he has shown thus far, it's Tadej.
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The good news for Pog if he can sustain this form into his late twenties is he is younger then MVDP and WVA. He’s a remarkable rider that has the potential to win everything. He would have benefited from WVA being in the race and with them.
I would offer a counter point that you never know how long anybody is gonna last. Especially people who are THIS good at young age.
Look at where Sagan is now, and he is still only 31.

There are no guarantees. You do not know if Pogacar has 15 years or 5 years to do it. He better make the best of it when he's at his peak. You might think there will come 10+ chances for Pogacar to win. But for all you know, this could've been his last chance to win RVV.