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UAE team played this very smart. A lot smarter then they get credit for. They told Slovenian press they came to this tour to win (after the race, not before it). They were analyzing all stages very closely. They analyzed stage 20 TT extremely closely so Pogačar knew the road very very well. They practised swapping bikes long long time to find the quickest way possible doing it. Pogačar was the only captain. Aru was named captain only to hide Pogačar under a radar. They knew they don't have the team do lead the race so they didn't want yellow jersey and it was really good for them that Roglič/JV allowed Pogačar to ride behind them without any problems. They fooled everyone.
I am sure they knew the result from the ITT.
UAE's most brilliant tactic was the 1:20 time loss on stage 7--purely intentional to allow Pogi to ghost-shadow JV the rest of the stages until the ITT.
I heard the same thing. But but intentional by any means. Of course.
It really helped Pogacar.
The second biggest thing that helped him was his camaraderie with Roglic. It really came back to bite Roglic in his a$$.
I just read that he did the final climb with no wattometer, nor even a bike computer! I love it!
Watts the point? Also; not like power output couldn't be calculated after the fact and his follow car would be advising on speed anyway. One advantage of being the rider in front of the leader in a TT-you can convince them of your pace while holding back. If Primoz had to work hard to only lose 25 seconds on the flat he was totally screwed by the time he got to the hill. Tadej's out of the saddle climb clearly was an all-in effort he'd practiced well if UAE tacticians are believable.
Pure speculation on my part.
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If he's feeling alright, Pogi will need to pretend he is a rider for TJV with Roglic domming for him. Follow Rogla up the hills and go around at the finish. :D
I just wanted, if it hasn’t been done already, to highlight the prescience of this post. It’s basically the most accurate description of what happened in the Tour that I’ve read, including everything written after the Tour actually ended.